Band SVYATOGOR was founded by Arius (guitar) and Konstantin (vocal) in the autumn of 1999. At the beginning of its existence the songs «The Battle beyond the Forest» and «Immediate Vengeance» were created. They later became the basis of the band`s debut album. In the years 2000-2001 the band was completed by Odalv (drums), Master Alafern (guitar, THUNDERKRAFT, TRIGLAV), Paulus (bass) and actively began rehearsal and concert activities.

In the summer of 2002 the recording of the debut album «...With Wolfish Stalk and by Wings of Black...» was started in the band`s home studio. Due to force majeure connected with some faulty equipment the almost ready album was lost. And only in the spring of 2004 the band tries again to record the lost album but now in a well known Kharkov studio «audioALchemia». The attempt was success and in the spring of 2005 the first full-length band`s album «…With Wolfish Stalk and by Wings of  Black...» (6 tracks, 33 minutes) was finally recorded. The style of the album can be characterized as Pagan Black Metal.

Having recorded the album Odalv, Paulus and Konstantin leave the band. Arius takes up vocals, a session drummer Vsesvit joins the band which makes it possible for the band to continue rehearsals and take part in concerts. With this team in 2006 the band records its second album «Energy-Freedom: Force is Strong, Power is Imperious» (7 tracks, 51 minutes) in «audioALchemia» and «XC-Records» studios. The style is Death Black Metal.

In the autumn of 2007 the permanent drummer Amorth I.M. (UNDERDARK, ex-ASTROFAES, ex-DRUDKH) and bass guitarist Duk join the band.

During the years 2006-2011 the band has active concert activities and takes part in such festivals as Svarogovo Kolo, Navja Noch, Metal Point, Svarogov Den etc., also supports many different European Death/Black Metal bands. SVYATOGOR has also been invited to many concerts as a headliner.

In the summer of 2011 SVYATOGOR completes its studio work on the third album «Doctor Veritas» (10 tracks, 52 minutes). The style is Death Black Metal with the unusual for this style arrangements, vocal parts and melodic fragments. The parts of the solo guitar cast the atmosphere of classical heavy metal and the saxophone gives the music jazz and art-rock tendencies. Unlike the previous albums, where the lyrics were only in Russian, in «Doctor Veritas» there are also English, French and Ukrainian texts. The subject area is various – problems of society, preparation of human emotions, reflection on the subject of contemporary history, structure of the universe, macrocosm. This album was released on 7th of May 2012 by Ukrainian underground label Svarga Music.

Currently the band is working on their 4th album. The recording sessions are planned for the end of summer 2012.

Album: "...With Wolfish Stalk and by Wings of Black..."

Style: Pagan Black Metal

Recorded: 2005

Released: 2007 (CD), 2011 (MC)


Debut album. Pagan Black Metal influenced by Black Metal and Eastern European folklore.

Album: "Energy-Freedom: Force is Strong, Power is Imperious"

Style: Death Black Metal

Recorded: 2006

Released: 2009 (CD), 2011 (MC)


Second album - more aggressive compared to the debut. The Death Metal parts give a solid base for this album, but still keeping enough of melodics.

Album: "Doctor Veritas"

Style: Experimental Black Metal

Recorded: 2011

Released: 2012 (CD), 2013 (MC)


3rd album of SVYATOGOR is a Death Black Metal with the unusual for this style arrangement, vocal parts and melodic fragments. The parts of the solo guitar cast the atmosphere of classical Heavy Metal and the saxophone gives the music Jazz and Art-rock tendencies – but with a solid Black Metal base.

Enjoyable and crushing from start to finish, ‘Doctor Veritas’ is as close to aggressive perfection as you can be!

Destructive Music (UK, English, 9/10), April 2012 about "Doctor Veritas"
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